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I’m back with more Energy Saving tips for your house and home. There is so much to be said on the subject that I could make several more videos but for now I want to focus on these and you can let me know in the comments section if there are more I should know about. My tips from last week have been well received in spite of my rambling session about awnings so hopefully these will be helpful (or at least mildly entertaining) as well.

From Brown Awnings to cleaning your air conditioner. More energy saving tips!

I love summertime! The pool parties, the lake, barbecues and games. This one has been a bit of a scorcher though so I wanted to take a few moments to talk about some ways to save on your energy bill. Some of saving tips seem obvious like turning off your house lights. Others are ones that you might not have thought about such as turning your fans off after you leave the room or keeping your toaster away from your thermostat. There are a lot of different ways to save and I would love to know some of the ways your family saves on energy so feel free to comment below.

Brown Awnings, Toast and Saving Energy… Tips for Beating the Summer Heat!

As you can tell I like to talk … a lot. I also have a few strong opinions about things relating to homes. 🙂 That said, Picking your favorite room helps in determining what type of home will work best for you!

What’s Your Favorite Room?

This makes me feel like I’m in a house with hidden passages and secret hiding places…I LOVE IT! Resource Furniture!

Space Saving Furniture!