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What an amazing month!

photo (18)I have been totally blown away by the spring market this year! I started getting phone calls the first day of Lawrence’s spring break and they have not really stopped since. As a result, you are probably like me in seeing a lot of “contract pending” signs around town. Particularly with all of the road construction (ahem) on Monterey Way and the detour going to Prescott St, I counted 5 pending signs on that street alone! Every time I see one I smile a little bigger. 🙂

I personally have had 5 closings so far this month and another 4 to go. Next month is looking about the same and some folks are booking as far out as October. Lots of happy people!

Many believe that the interest rates are the big factor encouraging people to but but I also believe it’s because people are feeling more stress free, are tired of renting and have a general desire to build equity in a home of their own.

The market area that seems to be the strongest is the $180,000-220,000 price range with 34 Active listings, 52 sold listings and 26 houses under contract to date in 2013.
This is an interesting article from CMBC to give you a snapshop of the market around the rest of the country!

Here are some ABC’s to getting started in the home buying process. Whether trying to plan for the next few years or ready to make a decision right away, here are some ideas to get you on the right track!

Buying a home? Here’s what to know. Episode 1.